Praying Hands Kiddie Center (PHKC) offers quality primary education to children in San Isidro, City of San Fernando, Pampanga and surrounding areas. Built on the vision of founder Mrs. Rowena D. Canlas, the school constantly strives for academic excellence grounded on Christian values. Today, PHKC is viewed as proof that quality education does not have to come at a steep price.

Brief History

In 2000, Praying Hands Kiddie Center was conceived by its founder, Maria Rowena Dimaandal-Canlas to help children in the barrio build their dreams by offering early childhood education for four (4) – year old children. From a class of 16 pupils, children and levels multiplied. From a single proprietorship, Praying Hands turned into what it is today, Praying Hands Kiddie Center, Inc. (PHKCI).


PHKCI prepares the child for LIFE through concepts, values, life-skills, songs, plays, stories and worthwhile experiences and principles, making each encounter a pleasurable one for the glory of God.